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PO BOX 411

OLD FORGE, NY  13420

    Common Questions:

You can inquire about availability by email, Facebook Messenger or by calling the lodge (315-369-6618) to speak with an attendant. Once a tentative reservation is made for your designated stay, everything will be held for ONLY 7 days to give the mail time to arrive with the payment. No payment, the site is cancelled out without notification. Cancellation of a reservation forfeits (1) night deposit at any time.

If you reserve a site for a certain amount of individuals, DO NOT arrive with more people. We place each camper on a site based on the initial information given, and can not make last minute adjustments to accommodate more people. Also, there is a NYS mandated 6 people maximum/site.

Remember there is the 6 people max. per site. NO TENTS ALLOWED ON ANY SITE. All must stay in camper.

Please do not try to sneak anyone into the grounds. We have surveillance cameras in many locations.  Just pre-register anyone intending to stay.

Do not have people visit and bring their dogs. We allow you the site holder up to (2) pets. Please respect this, and do not think we will overlook it.

When you make the reservation, be aware that the latest check-in will be 6pm. We will extent the time only if we receive a call of notification arriving late. Nothing past 8pm.

Do not use your gate access card to allow people through the gate at any hour. Regardless if the office is closed, there is to be no entrance in or out of our park unless they are a registered guest. This will result in immediate removal from the grounds, without a refund.

We have rules in place not only for operational purposes, but for the safety and relaxation of all guests. If you are one that is not accustomed to following rules, we are not the park for you. We put them in place, go over them when you arrive, and give a hand-out of them as well. We require you to respect the property, because it is not just a business but our home that we welcomingly share with those who appreciate its beauty.


      For the Pleasure and Comfort of All,

      Please Observe A Few Key Rules:

▪ Speed limit in the park is 5 MPH.

Only (1) vehicle entering/exiting at a time - must wait for gate arm each time to go down.
Children under the age of 7 are not to be in bathrooms without parent or guardian.

▪ Check-in time is between 1:00 pm & 6:00pm. Check-out time is 11:00 am (no exceptions).
▪ Please pre-register & pay for visitors prior to them entering the park grounds. Forms are available at front door.

▪ Please phone ahead for restrictions in place on allowing guests/visitors into the park.

▪ Due to Low Voltage in our area, Electric Hot Water Heaters, Electric Heaters and Air Conditioners are Prohibited. 

▪ Camp fires are allowed to be built in fire place or fire rings only. DO NOT MOVE FIRE AREA.
▪ No skateboards, bicycles, etc. allowed on the tennis courts; basketball hoops only.
▪ Quiet hours are between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am. Please respect other camper's and our park.
▪ A dumpster is located by the North outer driveway for trash/recyclables/deposits.

▪ Please do not walk around the park or beach area and scatter trash on the ground.
▪ We take pride in our grounds being clean, do not dump cigarette butts all over (beach area).

      Guests & Visitors

  • A GUEST is someone that is registered to stay on a site within our park establishment.  They are here either daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally or yearly. Their site has been paid for in full, all parties have been accounted, and are named on the contract with Singing Waters RV Park.  All guests at initial onset of taking their site, must check-in by 6:00pm to gain access to their site.

  • A VISITOR is somebody that stops to visit a guest, that has not been accounted for on the site prior to their contract. Before they can enter the park grounds, a form must be completed and a fee paid for their stay.  They must park out front (not on your site)of the lodge and retain a parking ticket to hang from their mirror.  Register any/all people who are visitors, and pay for day-use ($3.00/person), which is good till 10:00pm or overnight stays ($5.00/person), out the next morning by 11am.  Fee are based on ages 7 yrs & up.

  • No visitor is allowed on the grounds until 1:00pm, and must vacate by 10:00pm.

  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to come up, use your gate card to let them in.  The gate card is for the site holder, no other person(s).

  • Those that let ANYONE enter, that are not registered, will be held accountable for breaking the rules, and everyone will be removed from the site without refunds.


       Pets Are Allowed On RV Sites

       Not Allowed In Our Cabins : 2 MAX


  • Singing Waters RV Park is pet-friendly, however owners will be totally responsible for their pets at all times.  Never are pets permitted in our rental units.

  • We allow (1) large dog (1) small or (2) small dogs per site. If you have a different pet other than a dog, these must be pre-approved through Management.

  • Any pets left unattended in the RV must not bark or disturb other campers.

  • If any disturbances do occur, the owner will be notified by Management to make other arrangements going forward for their pets.

  • Pets must be on a leash when not inside your RV. 

  • When walking pets throughout the park ,only an adult is allowed to do so, no children under the age of 18

  • All pet droppings (poop) must be cleaned up immediately, bagged, and disposed of in the dumpster, in the far north driveway of our park.

  • This means any location on the park grounds (not behind the shower house, along the roadside, or tossed in the woods), pick up your pets poop.

  • We do not allow pets in the bathhouse, on the playground, tennis courts, beach areas, or in our rental units.

  • Please provide proof of vaccination at the beginning of your season/stay.

  • You are totally liable for your pet should there be any claim.

  • Visitor's are not allowed to bring in pets under any circumstances. 

  • If visitor's are caught bringing in their pets, they will be asked to leave immediately. 


Thank You.